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Phone: +65 9636 4740
Nazmul Khan
Founder & CEO
BSc, Science, National University, Bangladesh
MBA, Murdoch University, Australia
Public Speaking85
Creative Thinking98

Based in Singapore, Nazmul Khan, Founder of 24asia Singapore proving Free Education for Migrant communities from Various Countries. Nazmul Khan is a Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore who works as a Regional Service Director, in the field of Cyber ​​Security Form based in Singapore.

This Bangladeshi man with a Masters’s degree in Business Administration from Murdoch University has been living in Singapore for the past 16 years. He saw many migrant workers in Singapore, especially from Bangladesh, who needed support to empower themselves in order to improve their quality of life.

10yrs back Nazmul Khan started volunteering to understand and get to know the local community better. He started mixing with locals and migrant workers while sharing about the history of Bangladesh, culture, tourism, etc. It also inspires fellow migrants from Bangladesh to be able to confidently mix with the local population. In this process, Nazmul saw many migrant brothers doing the same job without any career advancement. Many of them did not get the right or opportunity to further their education and improve their skills in Singapore due to cost and time constraints.

Nazmul Khan finally started counseling with migrant friends from different groups until he realized that he would not be able to realize his good intentions of helping others if he worked alone. Realizing that, he immediately discussed with some volunteer friends to join him to form the 24asia volunteer movement group team in 2018. Nazmul Khan helps a lot of migrant groups to organize concerts, cultural shows, counseling and supporting them in maintaining their mental health.

He also worked together with Kari Tamura, one of the Co-founders of the SamaSama community to help inspire fellow migrants to live better.

Nazmul Khan is now also known as a trusted advisor among the Singapore Migrant community.

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